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How do I get my sentence reduced is the most common question the prison consultants at PRISON PREP hear.  One way is the Residential Drug Abuse Program or RDAP.  Shorten your sentence by up to 18 months.

RDAP is the Residential Drug Abuse Program provided by the BOP. There are many reasons why this program will be important to you.  Acceptance and participation in this program will qualify you for an additional 12 months off your prison sentence.  There are specific criteria necessary to meet the requirements for RDAP.  The proffessionals at ​PRISON PREP have a unique perspective on the conditions needed for eligibility, which must be met and addressed prior to your pre-sentence Investigation (PSI).  The PSI is the interview preformed by a probation agent, who will then report findings to to the US Attorney and your sentencing judge.  This report is instrumental in determining your sentence and the programs you will be eligible for, including RDAP and other diversionary programs. ​ YOU CAN NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY.  We will escort you step by step through this process.

RDAP will be one of the last hurdles to overcome prior to your release. It is important to be accepted into the program.  However, equally imperitive is to be able to navigate RDAP to completion. The failure rate for RDAP in some institutions is as high as 40%.  If you fail, your eligibility for the time off is forfeited.  This would be devistating to you and your family.

PRISON PREP co-founder, Jim Sed, not only navigated one of the most difficult programs in the BOP, but was appointed by staff to the position of community mentor, the most elevated inmate position in RDAP.  RDAP is behavioral based and covers such topics as core attitudes, rational thinking and criminal tactics.  It is not an easy course to complete.  However, ​PRISON PREP will be there to advise you and answer questions in real time.  Your concerns will be met.  You can take comfort in that fact. Having this type of support from your consulting team is measureless.


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