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The pre-sentence phase of your experience is without a doubt the most important phase of this procss.  This is where many of the decisions regarging sentence reduction, length of sentence and security classification take place.  The prison consultants on staff at PRISON PREP have extensive exprience, and are here to help you prepare. 

There are those who will have you believe that you must learn how to fight if you're going to prison. They are right. You need to begin fighting by learning how to navigate the pre-sentence phase. This segment determines many factors that will directly affect your total experience, such as:
  • Where will I do my time?
  • How much time am I looking at?
  • Will I be able to reduce my sentence?
  • How do I answer my pre sentence investigation?
  • Can I choose an institution close to home?
  • Are there cases similair to mine?
  • What about health care?
  • Boots or soft shoes?
  • Top bunk or bottom bunk?
There are many important issues that are addressed at this time. None should be left to chance.                        
It would be easy to go into detail right now regarding the pre-sentence phase.  That would be doing you a terrible injustice.  This web site is not intended to frighten or confuse anyone.  The professionals at PRISON PREP want to make you aware that there is help.  There is a way to get through every facet of the incarceration experience, and most importantly return home physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally stronger.  This does not happen by chance.  It requires careful planning and a team effort.

One component that carries an extreme amount of weight in the pre--sentence phase, is the pre-sentence report.  PRISON PREP will assist you in this process so that you will obtain the best result possible, as judges place an incredible amount of weight on this report.  Your PSI (pre-sentence investigation) will determine many aspects of your incarceration including the security level of the institution to which you will be assigned, the length of your sentence and programs that will eventually be available to you.  Certain programs may significantly reduce your stay in Federal Prison.
Guideline sentencing is only advisory and your judge may opt to depart below a guideline range.  There are steps you can take to encourage a downward departure.  We will discuss these options with you.   

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