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The post-sentence phase can be referred to as the pre-incarceration phase.  It is the final stage of preparation prior to reporting to your assigned destination.  Your institution, security designation, and report date will arrive during post-sentence.  If all goes according to plan, you will be destined for an institution most suited to your needs, and as close to your loved ones as possible.  This is a very busy and emotional time.  The deal making is done and your sentence has been determined.  Reality sets in.  The expert prison consultants at  ​PRISON PREP will help you and your loved ones prepare and get your affairs in order.​​​​


The post-sentence phase is when you will realize that everything we've covered to this point is about to happen.  Many men and women would be panicking right now, but you're not.  We've discussed this moment and prepared for it.  ​PRISON PREP has equipped you for the issues that will now surface.  You'll have many questions. several are listed below.  There will be many more that will arise depending on your individual case and needs.  This is nothing that the pros at ​PRISON PREP haven't seen before.  We will escort you through the post-sentence phase and your questions will be answered. 

Your loved ones will have concerns too.  ​PRISON PREP​ is here to assist them as well.  In addition, if family counseling or therapy for a family member is indicated, we have resources specifically trained to meet their needs.  While these services may not be necessary, you can rest assured that they are in place should the need arise.  Our concern is not just with your health and safety, but also in the health and safety of those you are closest to.​  We will help care for them.

What about my family?

So Many Questions??????

  • What security level am I?
  • What type of institution do I qualify for?
  • Should I worry about my safety?
  • What about sexual assault?
  • Will they feed me enough?
  • Can I get extra food?
  • What are visits like?
  • Can I continue to collect social security?
  • How about my pension?
  • What if I owe child support?
  • What if I'm collecting child support?
  • Can I continue to run my business?
  • Can I be employed?
  • Will the BOP give me the opportunity to earn a wage?
The professionals at PRISON PREP have lived through the same experiences you and your loved ones are about to face.  This is a crucial time for everyone involved.  You and your loved ones will be  compassionately guided through the entire experience.
The questions at left are just a sampling of the many unknowns that are facing you as you prepare to enter "the system".  Up until now it has been all preparation.  This is where we begin to put your plan for incarceration, and re-entry into effect.  You are nervous, but you are no longer in doubt about how you are going to navigate your prison sentence.

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