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  You are not alone

You feel like a man or woman on an island.  You are in the midst of an event that you and your loved ones are not at all prepared  for.  The pain, drama, fear, and uncertainty of your situation is being played out in households all across the country.  You are not alone.  The ​PRISON PREP family will be with you and your loved ones every step of the way.  From the difficult early days, throughout the judicial and incarceration experience, and as you walk out the front gate, we will be there for you.  Then, if you choose, we will remain with you until the end of your journey by assisting you through the challenging process of reintegration.  We know how overwhelming it seems right now.  We can help. 

"Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison".    Hebrews 13:3

I have lived through what you are now facing

Yesterday you were with loving family, caring friends and had numerous social acquaintances that respected you.  However, all or at least most of them, weren't aware that you had made a decision to cross a dangerous line.  Now you're exposed.  Your life is instantly changed.  Guilt, shame and fear suffocate you.  Eyes of condemnation surround you and you have become fodder for strangers.  You are not welcome in your old circles and may find that your church family is not so forgiving.  There is no place to hide.  You have heard about where you will be going, but until now, you have never given those places a moments thought.​ 
What will happen next?  What attorney should I retain?  Is there any way out?  Do I make a deal?  What is the court process like?  Where will I go?  Who will be there with me?  What goes on there?  How should I act?  What do I say?  What are my rights?  Can I do anything to shorten my time?  These questions are all mysteries to you, but not to ​PRISON PREP.  We have the answers to these questions and answers to questions you haven't even considered.  With PRISON PREP, you will receive the assistance you need as you begin the process and all your questions will be answered in real time as you progress through the judicial and incarceration experience.  One day your sentence will be completed and you will return to familiar surroundings.  With the help of ​PRISON PREP, you will not just reenter,  but return restored and ready to begin the next phase of your life.  From this moment, until the day you feel you no longer need the ​PRISON PREP family, nothing will be left to chance.  Please continue to navigate our site.  If you feel we are what you need, contact ​PRISON PREP.  At that time, we will begin to educate you, making this journey smoother and less stressful for you and your loved ones.


The Aha Moment

My name is Jim Sed.  I am one of the founders of PRISON PREP and my thought process began more than 5 years prior to my own release from federal prison.  I had talked to dozens of men who had used prison consultants.  The reviews were poor at best.  I asked questions, and found that there was no real effort made on the part of the consultant to prepare these men for what they were about to face.  The subject of reentry never came up at all.  I also found that there was no real time, real help for them on the inside.   Misinformation is far worse than no information at all.  That was when the first seeds for PRISON PREP were planted.   

     I went to work 

I asked family members to look up as many prison consultants as they could, and send in as much information as possible.  That's when everything that I'd been hearing from these men began to make sense.  I found a few firms that covered several areas of concern, but there was nothing comprehensive.  In addition, information that was diseminated mainly propagandized a subject that the firms knew nothing  about.  Most disturbing, were  the unethical tactics employed by several of them, designed to scare the money out of, and take advantage of a person during the most vulnerable time of his or her life.  Unfortunately,  those entering the institution, who had used a "consultant" had blindly navigated their arrest, court proceedings, and now incarceration primarily on their own.  They had received no worthwhile assistance  on the outside, and now on the inside were left to their own devices.  They were housed with many others who had no idea what to do, where to turn, or how to navigate their new surroundings.  That was when I knew there was something I could do.  I began to compile information in real time. For five and one half years, I made note of the inner workings of the federal system in order to be prepared to help you.  After my release, I spent the first several months putting the finishing touches on ​PRISON PREP.  I have experienced this process from arrest to reenty. I have been diligent in assembling information to guide you through this process to make this experience as straightforward as possible.

               Jim Sed


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